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. the existence of arizona and nevada teacher the california legislator from going crazy. they still do despite so many people moving. but it is good we have places like texas. smaller government meanss tomor "fox & friends."nt meanss tomor >> tune in for the after the show show. >> brenda: the people have spoken. 83% of americans calling government spending out of control. so, what do some democratic lawmakers want to do? get rid of the nation's debt limits. they say it's keeping the economy down but won't getting rid of it just push the economy down even more? hi, everyone, i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears and let's get right to it. the bulls and bears this week, gary b smith, jonas max ferris and along with todd schoenburger. >> gary get rid of the debt ceiling best or worst thing for the economy? >> it's absolutely the worst thing, brenda. the left likes to say, well, you know, ronald reagan raised the debt limit 18 times, george bush raised it 7 times, bill clinton raised it 8 times. so, you know, both sides do it so it must be okay, and from the perspective of fair and balanced, i
state of nevada, not that nevada is firing on all cylinders, but that says a lot about the well-to-do, or those slightly better off than others that when their taxed to the hilt, they move to the hilt. >> they will move. neil: a global trend here. what are we to make of that? >> something to take into consideration. as we're about to head into basically four months of long fiscal debate here on capitol hill when it comes to the budget, when it comes to the sequester and continuing resolution. the president has made it clear that he want as balanced approach, and that he wants taxes to be on the table. neil: it's not a balanced approach. it's not balanced. >> it's not balance the at all, but we need to take this into consideration that we raised taxes once, everyone is seeing less money in the paycheck, and now we ask people to pay more money? stheez companies are going to look for other places to move to, and that's why we have seen a lot of companies move overseas, not just to move to other states, but move overseas because of the cost of doing business here, because of regulat
the states and go to arizona of the world. florida, nevada. texas. the headlines with phil mickelson, he is looking to leave california because of his tax situation and move to nevada because tax rates. liz: so will the williams sisters, right? >> including now the former president looking to leave france and go to great britain. the french actor looking to leave france and go to russia. liz: it is not just hedge funds leaving. i am seeing big powerhouses like goldman sachs setting up shop in low tax states. raymond james. can the states do businesses? >> i think you can do business anywhere, right? still not the point repertory environment is so burdensome the cost to have to lay out, they're looking as a business expense and saying what will make us profitable to the shareholders? they have to decide, they can go to the states to save that money because maybe they can hire more people, be they can open up multiple offices and do more than they can in new york because the fact taxes are so high here. liz: let anybody get a wake-up call about this? >> we certainly hope so. this is how de
golfers and nevada a tennessee and washington where there is no state tax. melissa: they need warm weather to play golf year-round. a lot of places that would treat them a lot better. you mentioned texas and florida. one of the things he said strike as nerve with a lot of people he happens to be in a zone targeted both federally and by the state. you know it doesn't work for me right now. i am going to have to make some changes. as people see their federal tax rate go up. you can't do anything about that unless you are willing to leave the country and renounce your citizenship. you have to take a big step. we saw folks on facebook going public, some of those folks talking about leaving going to singapore. when you look at professional athlete, the one thing they do have control over what state they live in. and i wonder if you think, for example when someone is getting drafted and they're deciding do i want to play for 49ers or play for a team in florida or texas? you've been in the sports business for a long time. do you think that people would make decisions about what team they would go
. americans who want to escape kim moved to alaska florida and new hampshire nevada south dakota tennessee texas washington and royal bank. all have state
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. the exisnce of arizona and nevada teacher the california legislator from going crazy. they still do despite so many people moving. but it is good we have places like texas. smaller government meansfor com. bill see you monday. ♪ ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. more taxpayer waste from the obama administration. you're not surprised. a new report says millions of dollars for great energy and the 2009 stimulus package went to foreign companies. with more on this and, senior political columnist for the washington examiner. it's great to see you again, as always. i mean, look at the dollars and sincere. 16 billion for the green energy program. one out of $4 went to foreign companies. does that make any sense you? >> this is what happens when the government tries to get in a situation of picking winners and losers. it doesn't even do that very well. they're trying to reward the american companies. oh, here is a subsidy for installing windmills or installing solar panels. guess what, a good chance they are going to be made overseas. a good chance that a lot of these subsidies are goi
borrower in new york. number four, nevada. despite being in nonjudicial state more than 15 percent of mortgages are not current. number three, new jersey. another judicial state, facing a backlog of more than 60% of its mortgages. another nonjudicial state, mississippi, nearly 17% of mortgages are delinquent. the number one state with the biggest backlog of foreclosures is, you guessed it, florida. almost 1-and-5 mortgages and the sunshine state are delinquent. it takes an average of 858 days. it nearly two years. unbelievable. ironically, the state with the best record on foreclosures, north dakota with less than three and a half percent. judicial state. still to come, my "2 cents more" on another teacher fight. the dow is already up more than 2% for the first six trading days of 2013, but will it continue? one of the authors of the aftershock continues gives us his predictions coming up. ♪ gerri: i your investments ready for the next financial crisis? important tips for protecting your assets and making money will you do it. ♪ gerri: heads up, investors. the next financial co
florida and new hampshire nevada south dakota tennessee texas washington and royal bank. all have state --
ahead the president's speech tomorrow in nevada where he will talk up his immigration plan from 2011. like the president this bipartisan plan from these senators would provide this pathway to citizenship. it would include a registration and probation program that would allow the nations illegal immigrants, 11 million of them or so, to stay in the united states and live and work with a green card as long as they paid taxes and penalties and then got in line for proper application for citizenship. but first, these senators want to beef up border security. they want to improve the tracking of legal immigrants who may stay beyond their legal immigration status. they also want to strengthen the ememployment verification system and create a green card system for top foreign college students getting ph.ds and massers degrees in math and sciences. senator mccain, for republicans would be good politically but one republican senator he was not yet ready to sign on. take a listen. >> we can't go on forever with 11 million people living in this country in the shadows in an illegal status. we can
. >> appreciate you being here. >> yeah. >> cheryl? cheryl: time for your west coast minute. nevada casinos louising $1.2 # billion last year, fourth consecutive year of losses for the state's biggest industry. food and hotel revenue up, gaming revenue down. things looking up this year for nevada as casino that that typically gross a million or many each. the state legislature considering a bill to make nicotine a controlled substance. this would make it illegal to possess or distribute cigarettes without a doctor's note. if the bill passes, violaters could have a year in prison, a $6250 fine, or both because doctors want to prescribe cigarettes to people? the california legislators trying to increase fines for thought convicted of swatting, with a phony call called to a celebrity's home. there's false emergencies at the homes bieber, tom cruise, and ashton kutcher. that's your west coast minute. >> swatting? because of a swat team? got it. secretary panetta proposing this afternoon, has the time come? >> liz claman's at the world economic forum in davos. as we go to break, take a look at t
in nevada. now, the senator's proposal includes increase and verifiable border security and tracking of legal immigrants making sure that they believe when they are supposed to, mandatory employment verification, green cards for top floor and college students who are getting advanced degrees, as well as, an immigrant worker program. a better immigrant worker program. senator mccain said that for republicans, the politics of all of this is part of the equation. take a listen. >> we cannot go on forever with 11 million people living in this country in the shadows and within a legal status. we cannot have children who are brought here by their parents when they were small children to live in the shadows as well. peter: as you recall, in the november election, president obama got about 70% of the obama vote while romney got about 27%. connell: we are bringing brad blakeman and. doesn't senator mccain pretty much sum up the politics of this? >> absolutely. the smart thing is it is not only republicans. they now form an alliance in the senate with democrats. we have to be careful that is a
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. the lawyer alan drill road. immigrant. the one on talking about after arizona and nevada. when not immediately going to go on welfare. lou: the last four mass shootings and the country, and i will even exceed -- >> i think it's the last two. this panic is more recent than arizona's . lou: four of the last five were young men who were mentally disturbed. by the way, whose parents, family to more mental health professionals knew the threat they were to themselves and to society. and inexcusable -- >> and random students. lou: inexcusably did not in any way. >> i don't know that they could have because of laws governing that mental health, and you can think the aclu. as i keep telling him, geraldo rivera for the institutional as asian movement. we don't want to stigmatize them as if these are people -- lou: great during the regular ministration. that is an issue. really. i think both parties. >> about 17% your mass homicides in states that allow involuntary commitment. lou: said terrific statistic, one which i have not heard. always learn something. >> thank you. lou: up next, the
money to fly to nevada and back. nine hours on air force 1 to deliver a 20-minute long speech that had been billed by the white house as a plan on illegal immigration. however, he offered no plan, no substantive proposal, nothing of substance at all to the assembled audience. the president chose to make unremarkable remarks one day after a group of eight senators unvailed their frame work for bipartisan immigration reform. it appears president obama could not reign in the ego and took up immigration reform in a speech that members of the congressional hispanic caucus asked him not to give. republican congressman balart saying of obama's now intention to step on the work of those senators, quote, i think that would poisen the water. democratic congressman also skeptical saying, "the last thing you want is to inject, even from a perception point of view, the partisanship or gamesmanship. with nothing of substance to offer, the president threatened to blow up the bipartisan process by offering a bill bearing his name. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will se
's the big inbounds state. dc, washington, d.c. because they have all the money. oregon, nevada, north carolina, south carolina so people are moving south. that's definitely the case. >> oh, absolutely. gerri: a quick story before we came to air saying you were able to actually nab a present for your company that you otherwise would have not been able to get if he had to move to new york or new jersey. >> that's right. he's a perfect example. the president here was a managing directer at ubs, and every day he would wake up at 4:30, and he would get to the office after going through tremendous commute from new jersey, spending a ton of money on gas, on tolls, on parking, finally got into the office, and getting home late in the evening. what that did was it -- it disallowed him to enjoy his child's or that period in his child's life. he basically missed out; right? he didn't see them grow up, missed them because of the commute and workload. whereas, here, he's able to come to work at 8:30, go home at 5:30 and enjoy the time with his children that he otherwise would not have been able to
and former dallas federal reserve vice president, joining me now in a fox business exclusive from reno nevada. gerry, an f? i understand how you feel about this especially because you talked once and you say this is an artificial rebound that they have engineered. let's use that word. and yet i would say that a lot of smart people have given ben bernanke a thumbs up in many cases, for example, lou dobbs who feels they did what they had to do. i was talking to some russians who are big in business overseas, they said central bank saved us. but why do you feel they deserve an f grade? does that go for all 13 semesters that we have passed over the past several years? >> well, i don't know if i said an f. but look, they did the right thing in 08. you know, back in the lehman failure and so on. they provided liquidity to the market. but now what they are doing is making whole asset classes and segments of the economy dependent on more stimulus. and the problem is it's going to take more and more stimulus to run an economy on fumes, basically. now, of course there are underlying factors, normal mar
states where rates are below 7%. nevada and rhode island are tied for the highest unemployment rate at 10.2%. now we continue our countdown to the closing bell with liz claman. liz: shares of norwegian cruise line sailing today after the company's ipo this morning. let's head over to nicole petallides. nicole: it is cruising along quite beautifully, all the puns, we're throwing them in but the truth is that norwegian which had its debut on the nasdaq today priced at $19 which was above the range and yet the stock soared past that. it was up 30% throughout the day. it's been soaring certainly a great great ipo. right now i'm actually standing at the carnival cruise line so you know there's norwegian, carnival, royal caribbean those are the three we check now when we talk about cruise lines. let's see how carnival is doing here. it is up about 1%. i just checked the analyst ratings on carnival. over 20 analysts cover carnival. but more than half have a hold rating. however, on royal caribbean, about 60 something percent have buy ratings. so it's interesting to take a look at how the analyst
, dividend paying gold companies like franklin and nevada, ect., are attractive. >> franklin nevada, one of your picks. you are not buying the blocks of gold. you are going out, buying stocks. are you looking at the miners? what are you looking at in particular in the stock world? >> coming back to buying dividend paying tokes is key. gold should be # 5% to 10% waiting in a portfolio. don't buy it to get rich. it's basically an insurance on portfolio. 5% on good quality jewelry, gone up dramatically in five years, and good quality dividend paying stocks in companies growing the balance sheet. >> frank, thanks for the tips. >> thank you. >> that means you should buy your wife some fine gold. >> yeah. why not some bling. do they still say "bling" these days? probably not. i'm just old school. time for stock z -- stocks now like every 15 minutes. nicole? still up above 200 for the positive side on the dow. >> that's right. old school is not a bad thing. dow jones industrial up 215 points now, a great day on wall street, up arrows, s&p 5 # 00 up 1.75%, techs up 1.3%. small caps at new high,
states, wyoming, washington, nevada. all zero taxes. arizona half as much. lori: wow! what a sad state of affairs. melissa: the weather is only worth so much the people are saying. the beach, i can live without it. forget the mcmansion. it is all about the micro apartment. new york city mayor michael bloomberg it an effort to create more affordable housing for 500,000 residents, announced a project calling might my micro new york. multifamily building and 55 apartments and using prefabricated modules built in brooklyn. the apartments range in size from 250 to 270 square feet. the cost? 940 for a studio and $1700 for a two-person apartment. not a two bedroom, a two-person apartment. residents will begin to move in in september of 2015. the artist renderings are hysterical. like a bed that folds up. your table, living room is underneath it. push it to the side and pull it down, that is where you sleep. there is actually a tub. you like it? you're moving there? lori: comical thing i never lived in a new york space much bigger that on that, 500 square feet. that is normal for new york. i t
nevada, georgia, texas and tennessee are sending recruiters to the golden state to lure businesses with the promise of lower taxes and less regulation. ceo of the arizona congress authority which is opened up to offices in california joining us now. i find this so interesting. he said these offices up and then what? these and other scouts to help the ceos? >> we have two offices. our focus is continuing to build bilateral business relations between arizona and california. tracy: you have low corporate taxes, low real estate taxes for commercial properties. i would think it'd be pretty easy to wear the businesses in. what stops them? >> we have had great success working with california businesses. our strategy is to work with california businesses looking to expand their operations outside of california. in addition to that we are working with arizona businesses looking for a new market. the ninth larges next largest ee world and proximity to california is a real business advantage. tracy: getting some pretty good tax breaks. can the state continue to afford to offer such good deals
and arizona, florida and nevada were problematic and that brings it way down and then i thought the housing market was getting better and went from 289 to 315. doesn't hook that great. you said it's a bargain and bring it back down to 289. stuart: i'm saying nothing. it's-- >> and someone gave me a house to squeeze when-- >> believe me, you're going to be surprised at this one. >> and laugh at me later? no laughing at nicole later. stuart: we will not do any laughing. i promise you that. back to you in a moment. time is money, 30 seconds, here is what we've got for you. we talk a lot about the americans with disabilities act being fodder for lawyers and now people with food allergies can sue under that law. the judge will be here to weigh in on the subject at the top of this hour coming out. and if you saw the nfl playoffs this weekend, you couldn't miss all of the commercial for violent, shoot-em-up movies and we'll ask the author of "hollywood hipocrits" why the movie industry gets a free pass on gun control. and one family orchestrates an elaborate 70 million dollar scam, perhaps too ela
nevada and of course states like texas and florida that do not tax the personal income tax at all are winning and winning big in the past 15 years and stand to win even more in the future. stuart: i'll get to that in a second. i live in new jersey, okay? relatively wealthy high tax state. put your finger on new jersey. >> there you go. stuart: it's flown out. how much? >> and a loss of 18 1/2 billion dollars over the previous 15 years and a tax rate of just under 9%. stuart: and all of these red arrows are where the money is going, so new jersey people, literally people and income, they're going to california. they're going to florida, they're going to south carolina, going to north carolina, that's where they're going to. >> unfortunately for the state of new jersey what we're seeing here is that only two states out of the entire country show a net positive. if this was a trade in the nfl only new york and michigan are giving positive trades to the state of new jersey. whereas if you look at a state like florida, the largest gainer of all 50 states, 86 billion dollars have flown
out a little bit west. the california and nevada area that are not as dark as the rest of the country. the entire united states is in a dark. the hardest hit states actually dropped from 29 to 24. that is probably a good sign. the hardest hit areas are dropping. i do not know. we will see what that weeks data shows. dagen: code red. apple's ceo telling a chinese news agency that he expects china to overtake the u.s. as the tech giants biggest market. he believes strongly that it will happen. he gave no idea when. china is currently apple's second largest market. growth has slowed in the last year. again, losing market share globally to googles android system is why it may be coming out with a lower costly iphone. no airline did a better job with on-time arrival dan d. almost 80% of delta flights arrived within 15 minutes of its scheduled time. what a waste. half of the food produced worldwide those right into the trash. it is partially due to problems in the supply chain. the plan also falls on the shoulders of consumers and retailers. this is according to a new study by britain's ins
% now. nevada and rhode island tied for the lowest rates. that is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper. cheryl: we're getting some breaking news. the house is set to vote on extending the debt ceiling to april 15 next week. rich edson joining us in virginia were these headlines are crossing from. rich. rich: actually to go much longer than that, three-month extension. longer than april 15. republicans will vote on a bill that extends the debt ceiling for three months, this would be from the time february is supposed to run out between february and march treasury says three months beyond that, debt limit increase that would be contingent on the senate and house passing a budget. for years they have failed to pass a budget, and so the debt ceiling would not increase unless the senate and house passed a budget. also, the bill would include language that if congress does not pass the budget, members, greshamission members were not a paycheck. if not, congress does not get paid. thank you. cheryl: thank you very much. over to you for breaking news. dennis: dow jones
. back to you. ashley: that is right. lori: thank you. ashley: president obama is in nevada unveiling his plan to form immigration. it could make it easier for 11 million illegal immigrants to become citizens. let's bring in senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. thank you so much for being here. it is a hot potato topic. >> it is. tracy: does the president have the authority to just essentially grant this amnesty to these illegal immigrants? >> well, he does and he does not. though congress has all legislative authority and congress should write the laws. the congress has written laws that limit the number of people that can come in based on where they are born. that has been a ball for 125 years. the numbers change, but that limitations are there. congress has also given president not necessarily this one, if for example, a president were to say, if you are 30 or under, if you came here as a child, if you did not break the law, if you graduated from high school, i will not support you so you might as well stay. is that him changing the law? when congress does nothing about thi
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)